Demonetisation: PM Modi says left home and family for nation; People in queues not amused

�Mai dose dhire dhire badha raha tha," PM said

Demonetisation: PM Modi says left home and family for nation; People in queues not amused

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in Goa to lay foundation of two major projects, while addressing a public gathering strongly defended the demonetisation move saying you asked to act on black money and that is what the government is doing.

He said the government kept the promise to fight corruption and will track illegal properties in coming days.  Modi urged people that they don't need to be anxious and need not come to banks repeatedly to withdraw cash as it is safe and available when they need it.

Modi said, “This is important decision to eradicate corruption and black money but some people are lost in their own world. They should have understood that the country chose and voted for a government in 2014 which is against corruption and black money. You had asked me for this and you knew it would cause some problems.”

“Everyone knew that I would act what I promised and I am fulfilling my promise. Previous governments procrastinated actions against black money hoarders. I have never kept people in dark. Never hide anything,” he added.

He said that if any money was looted in India and has left Indian shores, it is our duty to find out about it. He emphasised that people buy jewellery, gold on festivals but there were no legal trails of these transactions. "Now, if you buy gold jewellery worth more than 2 lakh you have to give pan number. As there was no excise duty on gold the current government tried to put excise duty on gold after which there was immense pressure to withdraw the decision," he said.

He said Jan Dhan Yojana was preparation of crackdown on black money. “Mai dose dhire dhire badha raha tha,
”he said.

“Yes I also feel the pain. These steps taken were not a display of arrogance. I have seen poverty & understand people's problems,” PM said.“I understand your problem. But this only for  50 days. After that it will all be clean.  All those defaulters are standing in queue to exchange mere 4000 rs. Honest people are not facing any problem only black money hoarders are scared. I will disclose all transactions since independence.” Modi said.

He said there is great inconvenience but he wants to thank the people who are queuing in front of ATMs and have accepted this decision for benefit of the country. “I thank all bank employees for their selfless duty. Even retired bank employees have come forward to offer their help. I also thank those who are offering help to whose who are standing in queue for hours. This move is bound to get successful as people from all walk of life supported it wholeheartedly," he emphasised.

He warned of more such measures. He took jab at those who with crores have to stand in queues and asked people to let those who want politics to do it as "I have left my home, my family, to serve the nation."

He repeatedly emphasised on importance of these 50 days till December 30 and asked for public cooperation. He said, "If I commit any mistake, I am ready to face any punishment the country will give me. But I promise to deliver a corruption-free India."