Demonetisation: Is all well? Here’s a notification takedown in 13 tweets

Because Narendra Modi knows absolutely nothing of economics though he may be a bachelor of “entire Political Science”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to believe that India is overwhelmingly in favour of the demonetisation of the Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes. He has come to this conclusion after a poll on an app that is issued in his personal capacity via his party which has able coders.

The NaMo app, however, is very confused, it doesn’t know what “No” means, nor does it understand dissent. With such answer options to the questions on the efficacy of the so-called surgical strike against corruption and black money and the bhakt applause and tears in thanks, it is but obvious that the queues of the newly dispossessed should be those of the hoarders and not the frail, worn, tired poor. Their savings shot.

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No protest is working, no amount of journalistic outrage over the 70-plus deaths of people in queues has worked, even the usually staid neoliberal Manmohan Singh has had to say words like “loot” and “mismanagement”.

But all this is of no use, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will just not speak in Parliament. Because you know he knows absolutely nothing of economics though he may be a bachelor of “entire Political Science”.

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Given that and the sudden gearshifting as far as announcements and rules go, the surprise of November 8 was lost quick, with the ever cascading number of changes including the shutting of over-the-counter exchange of notes all of a sudden on November 24 when it was to go until December 30.


Here’s twitter user Sanjay Sipahimalani’s takedown of demonetisation notifications in 13 tweets.