Demonetisation lands Muslims in profiling net

When the people points out their hesitation to be questioned in front of the camera, a policeman, presumably a senior official, is telling them the filming gives more authenticity

Demonetisation lands Muslims in profiling net

Efforts to polarise are on to justify the demonetisation of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes which had been yanked off circulation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi  on November 8 as ostensibly a move to curb terror financing and eliminate black money.

While the jury is out on if black money has been eliminated or terror funds have dried up despite some claims by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, any arrest of Muslims with cash is becoming a

cause celebre on social media among either self-styled “neutral” or right wing followers. One such video is doing the rounds showing three men who are wearing skullcaps being asked by a Railway Police Force officer to open the suitcases and bags with them, once open it shows wads and wads of high value demonetised notes. The implication being any Muslim arrested with cash is funding terror or hoarding black money to promote the propaganda narrative that the demonetisation, which is actually inconveniencing lakhs and lakhs of people, mostly the poor and the lower middle class, is “cleaning up” the sytem.
Here’s the video:

If one follows the thread, one twitter user is pointing out that Bohra Muslims keep cash with them and don’t deposit it in banks. Read the reactions to that and after, it is generally that Muslims are this, Muslims are that.

But the right wing trolls are yet to speak their mind on the seizure of Rs 91 lakh from the vehicle of Maharashtra Cooperative Minister Subhash Deshmukh.

NDTV quoted a PTI report that said Nationalist Congress Party leaders have sought Income Tax inquiry into bank transactions of BJP leaders from the state. NCP spokesman Nawab Malik said the minister must be sacked forthwith.

The minister was not available for comment PTI reported. State Congress unit spokesman Sachin Sawant said old currency notes worth more than Rs 6 crore were seized from the brother of a BJP MLA in western Maharashtra and the seizure of Rs 91 lakh from Subhash Deshmukh. There has been silence from all concerned in the BJP.

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