Demonetisation: Mamata Banerjee says country not secure under Modi

“If you have courage, let’s do an election on demonetisation and not an online poll,” Mamata said.
Mamata Banerjee

Hitting the street of national capital second time over demonetisation, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday attacked Prime Minister Narendara Modi saying the country is not secure under him.

Addressing a gathering at Jantar Mantar during the protest march along with the leaders of the SP, the JD(U), the NCP and the AAP, Mamta said, “Let’s see how well the BJP does in the upcoming elections.”

“This government will have to go…I am sorry to say, the country is not secure under you Modiji. You do things at your whims and fancies,” she added.

The Trinamool Congress chief also alleged that the decision had heaped pain on people and snatched away democratic rights of almost every section of the society, PTI reported.

“I will go to Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Even if you fire at us, Modi ji this agitation will go on,” she said.

She also questioned why those having Swiss bank accounts were “not touched at all”, and warned that people will teach a “good lesson” to the ruling party.

“I can challenge that no one will vote for BJP. If I were you, I would have apologised to the public. Why you are so egoistic? You have branded everyone in the country a black marketeer and have yourself turned into a saint,” she said.

“If you have courage, let’s do an election on demonetisation and not an online poll,” she added.

The West Bengal Chief Minister earlier said the Central government is confused after the currency ban. Noting the centre has ‘rolled back’ several decisions since the demonetisation announcement on 8 November, Mamata said “they are confused.”