Demonetisation: Rahul says no action against Modi’s rich friends

You are being made to stand in queues. Your money will be given to those select 15-20 industrialists, Rahul said

Criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation again, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said no action was being taken against “real black marketeers” and the “industrialist friends” of the Prime Minister.

Talking to media after being granted bail in a defamation case, Rahul said, “Those who are real black marketeers, those who have Rs 10-20000 crore, those who go with Modi in planes, action should be taken against them. No action is being taken.”

“There is no investigation or action taken against Modiji’s industrialist friends. You are being made to stand in queues. Your money will be given to those select 15-20 industrialists. You all know their names. He (Modi) is running their government,” he added.

Earlier today,Rahul Gandhi was granted bail by a Bhiwandi court on the personal surety of congress leader Shivraj Patil in a criminal defamation case filed by RSS functionary against him  for claiming that ‘RSS killed Gandhiji’.

While addressing a rally in the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul had said in Bhiwandi, “This is their fashion. They killed Gandhiji. RSS shot Gandhi. Today their people talk about Gandhi.”

Immediately after the speech a case was filed by local RSS leader Rajesh Kunte and Rahul had to make a couple of visits to the Bhiwandi court.

The Supreme Court had asked Gandhi to either apologise or face trial in the case. But Rahul’s lawyer in September had told the Supreme Court that the Congress vice-president stood by each and every word of his 2014 speech and was ready to face the trial.