Did you know about these 10 less-known features of Apple iPhone

You can invert colours in case you want to use your phone in low light or no light. Inverting colours will make iPhone display black instead of white and thus readable in low or no light. (Inverted colours cannot be shown in screenshot so I have shown the option to turn it ON.)

Did you know about these 10 less-known features of Apple iPhone

1. The clock icon on homescreen isn't just an icon. The hour, minute and second hands are always moving, yes, even the second hand moves.

2.You can view message time stamps by swiping left on the conversation screen.

3.You can minimize prediction window just by swiping down on it.

4. Phone : This app allows you to add contacts, check voice messages and make calls via a host of networks including 3G, GSM or EDGE cellular phone service. Additional network capabilities have also been added to latest phones.

5. Mail: The Mail app allows you to send and receive e-mail via POP and IMAP, and includes in-line picture, HTML and push e-mail capabilities. Since iPhone 4S, voice dictation is also included.

6.Text expansion: Aren't you bored with typing the same phrases a hundred times a day? We have a solution: go to Settings > General > Keyboard and scroll down just a bit looking for Shortcuts. Then enter the phrase you want and assign a shortcut, and the next time you type that shortcut the phrase will appear. In my view, this feature enables you to save a lot of your time and effort.

7.Automatic downloads: If you have a great variety of iOS devices or you buy things online, it would be a great idea to keep all this staff in sync. To do that, you can use Automatic Downloads of your music, apps and books. To get there, go to Settings > Store and choose whichever of these three you want. Just be in the know!

8.Private browsing: Want to make sure that your data aren't getting sent out to the Internet via Safari? There's an easy way to fix that: Go to Settings > Safari and then click the tab for Private Browsing.

9.  you can find airplanes running above you by using Siri
10. Shake your phone while writing a text and you can delete that text.


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