Govt using choppers, IAF planes to reduce cash transportation time from 21 days to 6 days

The government is using any possible modes to transport cash, using helicopters and Indian Air Force planes.
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In a bid to ensure adequate cash flow in banks and ATM machines in the next few days, government has cut down the transportation time of cash from printing to the main distribution centres from 21 days to six.

According to a TOI report, the Center is using all modes of transport, including helicopters and Indian Air Force planes, to move the cash quickly.

The report said the government is hopeful that the situation will improve over the next week. With availability of cash improving in urban areas, the government is concentrating on rural areas.

The report, quoting senior government sources, said the level of economic activity should climb back to normal levels by January 15.

Sources said any gains could be used for recapitalisation of banks, building infrastructure and purchasing advanced weapons systems for the armed forces.

“RBI may transfer higher dividend or there could be a special dividend,” the sources said. There is a probability of the government getting a “windfall” as a significant portion of the notes may not come back. This will reduce the liability of RBI and increase its ability to pay higher dividend. “Even in 1978 when the government resorted to demonetisation, 20% of the notes did not come back,” the sources said.

They said they would not like to speculate about the number of notes that may not come back into the system.