I&B ministry boots out 'Ka Bodyscapes' from Kerala Film Festival for 'insulting' Hinduism

Jayan Cheriyan's controversial film 'Ka Bodyscapes' has been refused permission by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the light of the negative remarks of the central board of film certification because it 'insulted and humiliated' Hindu religion. The director feels that the Government is dishonouring a high court order in favour of the film

I&B ministry boots out

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has denied permission to screen film Ka Bodyscapes, directed by New York-based Jayan Cherian, at the 21st International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK).

Ka Bodyscapes was selected and scheduled to be screened at the upcoming festival in December.Jayan Cherian told naradanews.com that he got a letter from the Kerala Chalchitra Academy, the organisers of the festival saying that they are yet to get an exemption letter from the Ministry of I &B which is required for films with out a censor certificate.

Earlier, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) had refused certification for the movie because it “insulted and humiliated” Hindu religion.

The CBFC was, apparently, uncomfortable with the alleged portrayal of Hindu God Hanuman with some “homosexual" books in the movie. The board observed that the entire content of the film ridicules, insults and humiliates Hinduism, in particular portraying Hindu gods in poor light. Later, Jayan Cherian approached the High Court of Kerala and obtained a favourable order.


[caption id="attachment_328226" align="alignnone" width="600"]kbj Jayan Cherian, director of 'Ka Bodyscapes'[/caption]

On 27th September 2016, the High Court of Kerala ordered the CBFC to issue the certificate within 30 days, but it refused to comply the court order. "It seems that the Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India is not honouring the high court verdict," said Jayan Cheriyan.

"This strange situation forces us to go back to the court again; we hope we will get justice, and the IFFK will be able to screen Ka Bodyscapes
in December," Cheriyan expressed his confidence over the phone from New York where he is living.

[caption id="attachment_328227" align="alignnone" width="312"]kb A still from movie 'Ka Bodyscapes'[/caption]

Ka Bodyscapes deals with the issues of misogyny and homophobia. The film narrates the life and times of three friends who search for freedom but are consistently constrained by the traditions of their families and the religious conservatism of the society.

Jayan Cheriyan's first movie Papilio Buddha was denied Censor board certification, and the second one Ka Bodyscapes has also met with the same fate.