Jayalalithaa shifted out of ICU to special room in Appolo Chennai

Initially, it was expected that she would be discharged today but that wasn't the case.

Jayalalithaa shifted out of ICU to special room in Appolo Chennai

AIADMK general secretary J Jayalalithaa, who has been undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai, has been shifted to a regular ward on Saturday evening though reports had said she would be discharged today.

On Friday, Apollo chairman Dr Prathap C Reddy had announced that Jayalalithaa’s health was fine and she would return home at any time if she wants.

The AIADMK general secretary had been hospitalised for an undisclosed ailment since September 22.

Dr Reddy also informed that it would take seven weeks for the Chief Minister to fully recover and return to active life.

He had said the Chief Minister could be "shifted out anytime it deems right".

"Though she can live beautifully without ventilator support, still we put her on and off the ventilator to ensure that her lungs won't collapse," he said.

"I can confidently say our efforts and people's prayers have produced good results. She can leave hospital any time she wants. We keep her in hospital because her other systems needs to be prepped up," he said.

Dr Reddy said Jayalalithaa was eating and talking normally. The Chief Minister was on high protein diet as her body required that, he added.