Kerala ups the ante against demonetisation drive as CM, Ministers launch sit-in

Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues is getting support from the Congress-led opposition for the protest against the Centre’s decision not to allow co-operative banks to deal with the demonetised 500 and 1,000 rupee notes.

A day-long sit-in before the regional office of the Reserve Bank of India in Thiruvananthapuram led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has drawn hundreds to the streets in the Kerala capital.

Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues is getting support from the Congress led opposition for the  protest against the Centre’s decision not to allow co-operative banks to deal with the demonitised 500 and 1000 rupee notes.

Launching the agitation this morning, Pinarayi Vijayan came down heavily on Narendra Modi government while inaugurating the sit-in. Dubbing it an insane move, he alleged that it was part of a larger conspiracy by the BJP-led Central government to destroy the cooperative sector in the state. “Cooperative banking sector in Kerala has a deposit base of Rs. 1.27 lakh crore. Such a huge deposit base would not have come about if there was corruption in the running of these institutions. They are also not havens for stashing away black money as they are subject to strong regulations. Nobody is against curbing black money, but those who have gone in for demonetisation in the name of fighting black money should think aloud whether their purpose would be served with such assault on Kerala’s cooperative sector,” he said.

“Narendra Modi is trying to impose himself as a dictator over the country,” alleged  CPI M General secretary Sitaram Yechury. “The party would spread its agitation across the country till the government makes available sufficient number of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 denomination notes,” Yechury added.

Former Chief Minister Ommen Chandy and opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala extended their support to the agitation as they also felt it a sinister move from the BJP.

On the other hand, BJP leaders have ridiculed the struggle alleging it of being funded by the money launderers. The sit-in by the Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues is against the constitution of the country, opined BJP state president Kummanam Rajasekharan.