Learn how to unlock hidden Keyboard of Apple iPhone iOS

Apple has been hiding the secret Keyboard of Apple iOS from customers. The feature may allow the Apple iphone customers to change the operating system's keyboard into a one-handed option

Iphone manufacturer Apple has hidden a one-handed keyboard in iOS but not letting customers to use it.
The feature may allow the iphone customers to change the operating system’s keyboard into a one-handed option, say tech experts.

Apple has kept the hidden keyboard into its iphone’s operating system, after the launch of iOS 8 in 2014.
But, Apple didn’t reveal it as an option for its existing iOS.

Steve Troughton-Smith,a tech expert managed to find a solution to use the one-handed keyboard in Apple’s iOS Simulator, (he claims it will help to crack and debug iOS apps)

Here is his tweet on how to access the APPLE feature:

The hidden key board may be activated by just swiping in on the left/right sides of the screen, then slowly shifting the keyboard’s keys to opposite side, Smith has added a demo of the actions in his twitter handle. Have a close look at it!

We don’t know why Apple hasn’t used this features for customer or even publicised it, since Apple always provides all info available to public on all the features of its iphone product line.

But, now, after Smith has made the hidden keyboard news public, it will be easy for us to access these hidden features with out the help of the company.

It’s still a mystery why Apple has never used the facility before as it always claims to be so good in letting its customers make use of accessing all its features. So try it out and unlock the hidden keyboard.