Lumpens have now become the jury of IFFI- Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Veteran film maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan feels that lumpen elements in the jury have caused the ouster of his film 'Pinneyum' from the Indian Panorama section of this year's IFFI

Legendary film maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan feels miffed by the jury of the International Film Festival of India as his latest film ‘Pinneyum’ could not make the cut to the Indian Panorama section this year. The veteran director  did not hide his dejection when he came to Kolkata for the screening of His 2016 film titled “Pinneyum” in the special tribute section of the 22nd Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF). “It’s not just my film that has been rejected. Even Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s ‘Tope’ has been rejected. Lumpens have now become the jury of IFFI, ” Gopalakrishnan told reporters after screening of his film . Indian panorama, he explained, is hosted to showcase the “best of Indian cinema”. “It isn’t always possible to get 21 very good films. Therefore, it is good to have some average films. But why take rubbish in it?” he asked. This is as surprising as the election of Donald Trump as the US president. ‘These only show that we are going through regression’, said the septuagenarian film maker who is a Dada Saheb Falke awardee.  Actually, we can organise a good festival with the list of Panorama rejected movies! Panorama films are no longer even shown on Doordarshan. The programme that showed regional cinema on Doordarshan was stopped after a year of its inception. A committee asked why a crore a year was being wasted on showing regional cinema. If good regional films are given this treatment, it will affect young people, said Adoor Gopalakrishnan