Trolls have a field day on Mohanlal's blog

Not only trolls on social media but writers of the likes of N S Madhavan also came up with scathing attack on Malayalam superstar Mohanlal over his blog on demonetisation.

Trolls have a field day on Mohanlal

Whether it is a politician or film actor, trolls in social media are vigilant and fully loaded to shoot at any moment. The latest 'target' is Malayalam superstar Mohanlal, for his recent blog post on demonetisation.

Mohanlal, who has a honorary Lieutenant Colonel rank in the territorial army, wrote a blog post praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the  demonetisation drive. Not only trollers on social media but eminent writers of the likes of N S Madhavan also came up with scathing attack on the actor . He sarcastically wrote in his twitter handle that film producer Antony Perumbavoor's life story should be included in IIM textbooks. Antony Perumbavoor, who was once the driver of Mohanlal, is a close associate of the actor and the producer of many of his movies.


Online trolls on the other hand diligently picked up the actor's opinions and started using their creativity to build memes which are witty and thought provoking at the same time. They showed no mercy while taking digs at the actor who previously had landed in a tax evasion soup.  Online trolls also pulled up the case of smuggled ivory confiscated from his house.


In the blog post titled ‘A big salute to virtuous India’, he said that if people can patiently stand in queues in front of liquor shops, cinema theaters and for worshipping God, there is no problem waiting in queue for a good reason.


His comparison of queues in front of banks and ATM to that seen in front of the liquor shops did not go well with many common social media users, that they also have come out against him in open.


But the whole troll war hasn't been one-sided. Mohanlal's views also gained support as the BJP leadership came out defending him and his freedom of expression.