MK Stalin doubts Jayalalithaa's statement from hospital

M. K. Stalin doubts that the statement by Jayalalithaa from the hospital is prepared by her party workers in view of the upcoming local body elections.

MK Stalin doubts Jayalalithaa

Tamil Nadu leader of opposition MK Stalin has expressed suspicion about the authenticity of the statement by Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha, released from Apollo Hospital on Saturday. In his facebook post written in Tamil, Stalin doubts that the statement was released by her party workers to take advantage in the upcoming 'ullatchi therthal' (local body elections) scheduled for next week. He added that if the statement was truly from Jayalalithaa, she should announce it to the public when she is recovered.


“For the last one week, day and night, people of Tamil Naduare struggling due to the sudden action by the Prime Minister. After the demonetizing of 500 and 1000 notes, people cannot use the money they earned by hard work and are waiting in queues for long hours in front of banks and ATMs...Poor and the middle class people are unable to buy even rice and milk. In these circumstances, how can the chief minister release a statement without showing any concern towards them?”, asks Stalin.

Earlier, a statement in the name of J. Jayalalitha was released from the hospital in which she said that it is her rebirth and thanked everyone for the prayers and support given to her during her hospital days.