Mohanlal shocker: If you can stand in a queue for booze or film tickets, why not queue for cash?

Surgical strike gets high praise from Malayalam actor, who says it's for the general good of the country. Some 70 people have died in the country as of now.

Malayalam superstar Mohanlal is the new kid on the block to high-five Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

He said the directive had a good intention at heart and asked people to put up with the hardships “when they can queue up for liquor and cinemas” on his blog “The complete actor”.

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In the post, “A big salute to virtuous India,” Mohanlal said the currency ban was a surgical strike by PM Modi. The actor said he is in Rajasthan for the shooting of Major Ravi’s new film. Mohan Lal recalled what he felt when he heard Modi’s November 8 address banning Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. The actor praised the speech saying it showed how well studied Modi was.

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“He placed the poor but proud Indian as idol. He even quoted the auto driver who forgot to take his money or jewellery. His honesty and his enduring…and lakhs of people like him,” Mohanlal said in his blog. He said he never admired any person but the currency ban is for the good.

“The note ban even affected us like anybody else. It will be reflected in cinema industry and we bear with it. The note ban affects me personally and we are coping collectively. I’m doing it not only as a law-abiding citizen but as a thinking man,” he added in the post.

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Some 70 people have died in the country due to standing in the queue for one’s own hard-earned cash, or the stress of losing their money, as of now.

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