MP journalists brutally beaten for exposing corruption of police

They were forced to lick shoes and falsely framed in the provisions of Arms act.

Scribes who exposed policemen extorting money were tortured in custody in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh.

They were forced to lick shoes and falsely framed in the provisions of Arms act.

The journalists had shot a video in which the policemen are seen extorting money from truck drivers on the highway. They had also exposed the nexus the police keep with bookies.

Inspector Vijay Singh allegedly went to the residence of journalist Narendra Patel and placed a revolver there to frame the latter.

Later in the day, the inspector visited the other journalist Jitendra Soni and asked him to give a false statement that he had helped Patel getting the gun. Police threatened Soni of dire consequences when he refused to give false statement.

The inspector,accompanied by a team of policemen reached the house of Narendra on Monday. They dragged him from the house and took to the police station.

Narendra was stripped,tortured and allegedly made to lick the inspector’s shoes.

Soni was also tortured by the police. As the news spread, local journalists started coming to the station.

Police released the journalists as top officials were informed about the incident. The injured scribes were admitted to hospital later. The minister ordered probe and action in the matter.

All the policemen involved in the incident have been suspended. According to reports, the inspector has been booked. A FIR has also been registered against the policemen.