Najeeb Ahmed was seen in Aligarh, claims a woman in letter

The letter addressed to Ahmed was received by the hostel president Azeem who later handed it over to Najeeb's mother Fatima Nafees

A letter,reportedly written by a woman delivered on Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Mahi/Mandavi hostel claims that the missing student Najeeb Ahmed was seen in Aligarh. Delhi Police has initiated a probe into the letter which was delivered on November 14.

The letter addressed to Ahmed was received by the hostel president Azeem who later handed it over to Najeeb’s mother Fatima Nafees. She gave it to the Crime Branch.

It says the missing MSc student was seen in a market in Aligarh. Ahmed had asked the woman for help saying he was locked up somewhere he did not know. By the time she tried to inform someone, he was gone or taken away.

When police tried to contact at the address provided in the letter, nobody turned up. There was no mention of any ransom or the place Najeeb was locked up.

Police are trying to locate the woman through the courier agency which delivered the letter. The letter will be sent for forensic analysis on the handwriting.

Meanwhile, Jamia Milia University has handed over the CCTV visuals of the campus of the day Najeeb had allegedly reached there after he left JNU. The University officials have informed the police that the footage of October 18 was unable to produce saying one day’s clip would only be stored for a month starting from the day it was stored.