NaMo: The data thief app with a propaganda

And there are major complaints coming that, demonetisation and app are same ! both are not working.

NaMo: The data thief app with a propaganda

Did you know that there are solid data about more than 42% of the world's most dangerous mobile apps targeting non-jailbroken and non-rooted devices? These apps aren't found on shady third-party stores—they're found right in the trusted App stores and the everyday consumer at higher risk for privacy violation than they likely realize.

So here you are facing the problem by Digital India methods when you are upto 'make an opinion' about demonetisation via NaMo app.

Apps that leak your personal info can of course compromise your privacy. These apps poses threat to you , your personal contacts, and any company or financial institution you do business with and every single data that you have stored in your mobile phone. The scary fact is that nearly 30% of all those free mobile apps that smartphone users love actually capture and sell your contacts, text messages, Web browsing histories, and photos. App developers earn money two ways: charging for their app or selling your sensitive data.

And there are major complaints coming that, demonetisation and app are same ! both are not working.

Loading issue is the main problem that have been reported about the app. So when you participate in that glorified survey you will surely need to give more personal data about you to make it done. At the same time apart from the complaints, people behind this app survey claimed that 86 percent people participated and made their opinion so far. This could be an another misinformation like 'Modi Keynote app'. KeyNote app founders removed the app from Google play because people took 'just for fun' thing too seriously!

According to the developers the idea behind KeyNote app was to make people understand the key points spoken by our Prime Minister in a different and interesting way using augmented reality technology. But patriotic Indians took it seriously and boasted that they found 'NGC chip'.

The questions in the NaMo app survey also getting criticism from various sides. Questions that prepared with a reverse psychology to get some peripheral answers that will feed demonetisation move in a positive way and there is no option for 'disagreement'

And the government is acting like every single person in India have smart phone, internet connection and money to recharge a data pack. So whoever is not ready to make a move in this app may declare as 'Antinational'

And this twitter user got it right with questions!


Is he serious?


But this next level peoples are!

Voice of people!

Anyways people started to use their funnybones to make fun of the app

Source : networkworld, Twitter, Facebook