No, Ian Somerhalder is not in 'Fifty Shades' trilogy!

The movie is all in ready and done, and shooting was completed in Paris in July 2016.

No, Ian Somerhalder is not in

Folks, time to accept the truth! No matter what the rumours say, Ian Somerhalder is nowhere in Fifty shades trilogy and we need to accept the sad truth.

There had been various reports regarding Vampire Diaries hot stuff Ian Somerhalder being speculated to be Jack Hyde, boss of Anastasia Steele and even of replacing Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey!

Bringing an end to the falsified rumours, Irish actor, Jamie Dornan who appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! To promote his Netflix series The Fall, nullified the rumours informing that the shooting for Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed is all done!

Yes, the movie is all in ready and done, and shooting was completed in Paris in July 2016.

In the show, Kimmel asked Dornan, "Supposedly, I heard that Ian Somerhalder is replacing you in that. Do you know anything about that? Is that true?" Dornan replied, "That would be really hard for them to do, considering we shot both of the movies. That's an expensive mistake, I'll put it that way. But good luck to him—he'll be great!"

On the subject of Ian Somerhalder shedding his vampire teeth to be Jack Hyde, Master Herald reported that the source of rumours was year old report of now defunct news outlet.

The report came at the time when the ‘Fifty Shades’ team was looking to fill its cast characters. However, before the end of last year, the cast members for the second and third movie based on E.L. James’ erotic romance novel have been completely filled up.

Eric Johnson went on to bag the role of Jack Hyde but Ian Somerhalder was indeed considered momentarily for the character. The rumors about Theo James and Henry Cavill being considered were mere speculations then and certainly not today.

Based on E.L. James erotic romance trilogy “Fifty Shades”, the erotic movie franchise rose to success with Dornan's sizzling chemistry with Dakota Johnson as the billionaire entrepreneur Christian who is smitten by the naive college student Anastasia Steele.

In the first part of the Trilogy, “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, the couple explored their attraction to each other through plenty of BDSM lovemaking but things went wrong when Christian caned Ana in the Red Room of Pain. In the upcoming movie “Fifty Shades Darker”, the couple will be exploring their love for each other.

The films have been directed by James Foley, and “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed” are scheduled to premiere on 10 February 2017 and 9 February 2018 respectively.