Note ban effect: Angry customers vandalise two banks in Manipur

Reports said police rushed to the bank immediately, but no arrest was made
Large lines outside ATM, Banks at Connaught Place

Tired of standing in serpentine queue for long time, angry customers on Monday vandalised two branches of the State Bank of India (SBI) in Manipur.

The trouble reportedly started after the banks refused to allow people to withdraw Rs 24,000 each from their accounts citing cash shortage.

One of the incidents happened in an SBI branch on the campus of Manipur University after two customers demanded Rs 24,000 each.

“They became angry when it was pointed out that senior bank officials had declared that such big amounts could not be withdrawn,” the SBI manager, Prasad, was quoted by Indian Express as saying.

Reports said police rushed to the bank immediately, but no arrest was made. However, according to witnesses, it disrupted the normal bank work.

In a separate incident, people vandalised the the SBI branch at Leimakhong in Imphal West district. Reports revealed that aggrieved customers smashed window panes and the name plate of the bank was uprooted.

Earlier, angry customers who had waited in a SBI ATM situated at Kamarajar street had broken the screen of the machine machine after seeing the machine run out of money.

Last week, people waiting outside a branch of the State Bank of Travancore in Kollam district allegedly broke a glass door. The bank officials later decided to down shutters for a while due to the huge surge of customers.