Obama makes his final meet with Xi, China says it is a ‘hinge moment’

The Chinese leader said the period after Trump's victory is a "hinge moment" for the relations between the two powers.

United States President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping has met for the final time before Donald Trump takes over as the 45th President.

The Chinese leader said the period after Trump’s victory is a “hinge moment”  for the relations between the two powers.

Xi also spoke about a “smooth transition” in the relations without referring to the president-elect. Obama described the tie-ups as “the most consequential in the world.”

Both the leaders were meeting in Lima,Peru on the backdrops of  Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

During his campaign, Trump had frequently attacked China saying Beijing invented climate change and rigged trade rules. White House has asked time for making the Republican knowledgeable on the matter.

The relations between the two world powers saw an improvement under Obama’s rule.While trying to hold on to their influence in Asia-Pacific, both the countries made efforts to decrease the fall outs from disputes.

Considered as the most powerful leader after Deng Xiaoping or even Mao Zedong, Xi said he wanted to see the cooperation continue.

“I hope the two sides will work together to focus on cooperation, manage our differences, and make sure there is a smooth transition in the relationship and that it will continue to grow going forward.”

His US counterpart said he wanted to”take this opportunity to note our work together to build a more durable and productive set of bilateral ties.”

“I continue to believe that a constructive US-China relationship benefits our two peoples and benefits the entire globe,” Obama said the start of the meeting.

The two leaders have met nine times since Obama took office in early 2009. The dispute over the South China sea and treatment of US firms in China had created some tensions in the bilateral relations.