Oops! Twitter accidentally suspends its own CEO’s account

After the brief suspension,Dorsey tweeted that the suspension was due to an "an internal mistake."

What will you feel when your own creation abandons you?

Apparently, that’s what happened when Twitter accidentally suspended its CEO Jack Dorsey’s account on Tuesday. Search attempts to reach Dorsey’s account produced an error message saying the account was suspended. This prompted speculations saying someone hacked or complained about the account.

After the brief suspension,Dorsey tweeted that the suspension was due to an “an internal mistake.”

This provoked people to ask how many users’ accounts have been accidentally suspended by the company in the past.

Twitter was not ready to respond to queries abut what caused Dorsey’s account to be put on hold.

“Just setting up my twttr…again (account suspension was an internal mistake),” Dorsey wrote parodying the message he wrote on Twitter in March 2006 considered as the first message on the platform.

Soon after he got his account back, his number of followers were shown as 145,a steep fall from 3.9 million he had. But the figure later rose back to 3.8 million.

The platform has found it difficult to balance between protecting freedom of speech and protecting users from hate speech.

Dorsey is one of the founders of the Twitter. He was forced out in 2008 when he was serving as the CEO of the company.He came back to business and took over the top job again last year.

Twitter is reportedly having a rough time this year since its price was down by 20%.Speculations that big companies like Disney (DIS), Google (GOOGL, Tech30) or Salesforce (CRM, Tech30) might make a bid for the company raised the price later.

Twitter had announced last month that it was cutting hundreds of jobs and killing off its video app, Vine.