Pakistan has compromised Indian diplomats' security: India

Pakistan had withdrawn six of its officials and staffers from India, and they went back to Islamabad on Wednesday.

Pakistan has compromised Indian diplomats

Rebuffing Pakistan's claim that eight Indian High Commission officials in Islamabad were involved in spying and "anti-Pakistan" activities, New Delhi has strongly protested the manner in which names and photos of the eight officials - four hold diplomatic passports - were published, which had compromised their security.

External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Vikas Swarup, rejecting the Pak's claim as "baseless and unsubstantiated", said the allegations represent an "after-thought" and a "crude attempt" to target them after a Pakistan High Commission staffer was caught red-handed in espionage.

Swarup said: "We expelled only one person from India for anti-India activities. After that, Pakistan decided to withdraw on its own six of their staffers. And then they decided to put in the public domain details of eight of our diplomats and officials whose safety and security has been completely compromised."

This is against basic norms of diplomatic practice and courtesy, Swarup added. Pakistan has claimed that the officials were involved in "espionage, subversion and supporting terrorist activities in Balochistan and Sindh, especially Karachi, sabotaging China Pakistan Economic Corridor, and fuelling instability in the two provinces".

Pakistan had withdrawn six of its officials and staffers from India, and they went back to Islamabad on Wednesday. The six Pakistani officials, including four senior diplomats, named for spying for a High Commission staffer, who was arrested and expelled last week for espionage, left India for home as bilateral ties continued to slide, The Indian Express reported.

Saying that the security of those official is a priority, Swarup said the government will take "necessary steps".

Asked whether the Indian officials are being recalled, Swarup said: "We expect the government of Pakistan to take all necessary steps to ensure the security and safety of not only these eight diplomats and officials but all other members of the High Commission and their families while they are in Pakistan."

Mr Swarup said Pakistan's baseless allegations add to the "risks to peace and security in the region emanating from Pakistan's support to cross-border terrorism against its neighbours".