Pinarayi Comes Down Heavily On Demonetisation, Accuses Centre Of Aiding Money Launderers

Kerala government has come up with a helping hand to the common man by extending the due date for payment of all bills up to November 30.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has urged the Centre to extend the last date for using old high denomination notes notes  to December 30. Terming it ineffective, he said the demonetisation will not help in curbing black money. ‘The news is coming out that the money launderers had prior information of the demonetisation drive that they moved the money out of the country with ease. It cannot be ignored that the ruling party deposited huge amount of money, that too in old notes days before the demonetisation was announced. Nobody is against curbing of black money but here the ‘dramatic’ step taken by the Government and the reports of certain section getting prior information of it raises suspicion’. ‘ No home work was done by the center and this laxity is taking a heavy toll on the weaker section. The Prime Minister who has to take stern steps in such circumstances is not in the country,’ said Vijayan.

The chief minister said that he will be submitting these matters directly to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley when he meets him in Delhi today. The Kerala government has extended the deadline for all the bill payments except VAT and excise duty to November 30. Government will not be levying any fine from the people on these payments,