Modi plays Pak card in poll-bound Punjab, says India has rights on water flowing out

Modi also claimed that elections didn't matter to him, and that he was more concerned for farmers' well-being in the country
PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that that water belongs to India cannot be allowed to go to Pakistan and will bring it for farmers in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.

Talking at a public rally in election-bound Punjab, the PM brought in the Indus river water row India has the right to the waters flowing into Pakistan.

“The Indus waters, India has the right to those waters…it flows into Pakistan. Flowing through Pakistan, the water goes into the sea,” Modi said.

That water belongs to the Indian farmers. We will do whatever we can to give enough water to our farmers,” he added.

The Prime Minister also claimed that elections didn’t matter to him, and that he was more concerned for farmers’ well-being in the country.

He also went on saying that he would stop “every drop” of Indus water from going to Pakistan.

“We formed a task force on Indus water treaty to ensure farmers of Punjab and other states get each drop of water due to them,” PM Modi said.

The 1960 Indus water treat between India and Pakistan, brokered by the World Bank, administers how waters of the Indus and its treaties are utilised.

The treaty gives India rights to use the eastern rivers  such as Ravi, Sutlej and Beas, while Pakistan has control over the three western rivers, Chenab, Jhelum and Indus.

The treaty recently became a flashpoint after the Indian government signaled a review of the pact following the Uri attack that killed 19 Indian soldiers.