Punjab taxi driver becomes billionaire for a day

Balwinder Singh was astonished to see Rs. 98 billion in his bank account

Balwinder Singh, a taxi driver in Punjab was astonished to see his account balance in State Bank of Patiala (SBoP). An amount of Rs. 98,05,95,12,231 was credited to his account. “I had opened the account under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). My balance usually is around Rs 3, 000,” he said.




Balwinder Singh, a taxi driver in Punjab

He approached the bank many times but the bank didn’t give any clarity on the huge deposit and gave him a new passbook, which was clear of the Rs. 98 billion entry. Lead bank manager Sandeep Garg said that the entry was a manual error. Instead of passing a credit entry of Rs 200, the assistant manager (accounts) entered the bank’s 11-digit internal Banking General Ledger account number in the amount column.

The mistake was rectified the following day and the entry was reversed.

An official has said that the bank acted irresponsibly on various counts. “Instead of telling the accountholder themselves, they did even attend to him when he visited the branch,” the official said.