Slamming Modi, Rahul Gandhi says he favours only his friends

Congress leader attacked PM saying only a very few would be benefitted from the demonetisation

Slamming Modi, Rahul Gandhi says he favours only his friends

When both the Houses of Parliament were rocked by protests of Opposition parties over demonetisation, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying his currency ban shows he was a different type of Prime Minister. He also said the demonetisation must have benefited Modi's friends.

"This is one of the biggest economic decisions in India. But the Prime Minister had not thought about the impact," Rahul speaking to reporters outside the Parliament said."This is some other form of the Prime Minister," Gandhi added.

"People are complaining of deals at the tail ends of long lines to banks. So people are suffering huge losses," the Congress leader said after his early visits to three ATMs in the national capital."Only 15 or 20 friends of the prime minister will benefit from this move," Rahul added.

The Congress leader mocked Modi's move on currencies saying he was on  a different level."We are ready for a discussion. These days, why does the Prime Minister need to come to the Parliament? He is on a different level. He does not need to interact with his ministers," Gandhi said sarcastically.

He also slammed government's inaction in the Kanpur train accident. "There is a need to fix the railway infrastructure. Modiji talked about the bullet train. But there is no focus. How will the aam aadmi benefit and get safety," Rahul asked.