Ram Madhav says demonetisation queues are a test of patriotism

BJP's RSS man Madhav lashed out at critics of demonetisation saying they should not be armchair-patriots.
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With chaotic queues all over the country following the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes last week, BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav tweeted today that the test of patriotism takes place only during difficult times.

With the government coming under massive attack on social media and the gathering Opposition storm ahead of Winter Session which begins tomorrow, Madhav made the statement, with a backhanded jibe at critics of the decision, calling them armchair-patriots as opposed to the “real” ones in queues.


When lakhs of people are lining up in front of ATMs and banks to exchange the scrapped notes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told his party MPs yesterday that the country supports the move against black money.

While announcing the move on November 7, Modi said tough measures were necessary to curb black money and corruption.