Rumours of salt scarcity press the panic button in TamilNadu

Repeated rumours of shortage and price rise of salt have started creating tension in some areas of Tamil Nadu

It was ridiculous rumours of expected shortage of salt in the market which made public panic in Delhi, Mumbai and parts of UP.Salt price  had raised up to Rs. 300/kg as the romours cut loose. Though the government repeatedly denied the news, public went on storing salt, which resulted in actual price rise of salt in the market.

The latest news is from Selam and Namakkal where fresh rumours of shortage of salt are doing rounds, making public panic. According to reports, Selam, Namakkal, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri areas have been affected by price hike of salt. ‘People are buying 10 to 20 packets of salt ‘ says a shopkeeper in Dharmapuri. Making use of the situation, merchants have raised the price too. A 10 rupee packet of salt is sold for Rs. 50 and 14 rupee packet for Rs. 70.

Meanwhile, in Jalakandapuram, attempts to create artificial scarcity by hoarding salt stock also were reported resulting in  huge price rise of up to Rs. 130 a Kilo. Arguments between merchants and customers created tension here. Revenue Officers and the police  shutdown some of the shops to control the situation in Salem.