Scrap dealer commits suicide in Delhi failing to enter banks for seven days

Mohammed Shakeel who killed himself was reportedly under frustration because he couldn't exchange old notes worth Rs 5,000

A 35-year-old scrap dealer from  northeast Delhi’s Mustafabad committed suicide on Thursday night when standing in lines outside banks for exchanging money yielded no results.

Mohammed Shakeel who killed himself was reportedly under frustration because he couldn’t exchange old notes worth Rs 5,000. He had two loans to pay as instalments.

Shakeel’s family said to Hindustan Times that he went to banks every morning, hoping his turn would come and returned disappointed.

“Shakeel would complain that the bank queues were very long. He would become hungry and return home. He had to look after his second son. His wife and three children had gone to their home town in Uttar Pradesh,” Mohammed Vakeel, Shakeel’s brother said.

Shakeel was totally stricken since the note ban announcement as he could not work because he had no usable notes.

“To deal in scrap, one needs to have change. After the note ban, Shakeel complained he was unable to earn anything. He went into depression. He stopped speaking after a point of time and just went and stood outside banks,” added Vakeel.

Shakeel even tried to enter the bank using his physically challenged brother but security guards refused them to get through.

Shakeel and his 12-year-old son Bilal went to bed on Thursday night. When Bilal woke up in the night, he found his father hanging from the fan.

“Bilaal was very shocked. He stood staring for a couple of minutes before running outside and informing others,” said Vakeel.

The family took Shakeel to the nearby hospital where he was declared dead and Police was informed. But Police said Shakeel killed himself due to his debt, not demonetisation.