Songs of Leonard Cohen you need to listen now

He was influential throughout his career starting from his first record, The Songs of Leonard Cohen to his lastly released album You Want it Darker in October

Songs of Leonard Cohen you need to listen now

The news of legendary Canadian singer,songwriter,novelist and artist Leonard Cohen sent a shockwave among music connoisseurs all over the world. Considered as a saint in an artist and as an artist in a saint, he through his works spoke about love,sex,life, and spirituality.

He was influential throughout his career starting from his first record, The Songs of Leonard Cohen to his latest released album 

You Want it Darker in October this year.

At a moment when the world manages to cope up with his loss, let us check out which all tracks made him the Cohen,the womaniser,the poet and the spiritual guru we know today.

1. Suzanne (1967)

This was the first single track in his debut album Songs of Leonard Cohen. First developed as a poem and then progressed into a song is considered as a tribute to his friend and partner Suzanne Verdal.

2. So Long, Marianne (1967)

Considered as one of Cohen's gorgeous songs, the song is about his famous muse Marianne Jensen whom he met in 1960.

3. Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye (1967)

The description of "Hey,That's No Way To Say Goodbye" can be shortened as the most beautiful breakup song ever written.

4. Sisters of Mercy (1967)

A song which Cohen has written in a single sitting, "Sisters of Mercy" is an all time favourite.

5. Bird On The Wire (1969)

Initially recorded by the veteran's seasoned recordist Judy Collins, the song is something else. He considers this song as his own favourite.

6. Joan of Arc (1971)

A six minute and more song is a tribute to the famous French martyr Joan of Arc.

7. Famous Blue Raincoat (1971)

A captivating song about his raincoat stolen in the 1970s. The song was written in a form of a letter.

8. Hallelujah (1984)

This song was a global phenomenon. Many got to know Leonard Cohen through this classic. Upon release, this song became an instant sensation.

9. Tower of Song (1988)

When Leonard Cohen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he sang a few lines from this classic. One of the greatest compositions. Period.

10. A Thousand Kisses Deep (2001)

Celebrating life in words. A simple way of saying about"A Thousand Kisses Deep". His raspy voice portrays the life as no one could before or after.

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