There is nothing called marital rape: RSS women’s wing leader

Rashtra Sevika Samiti general secretary Seetha Annadanam said there should be total prohibition across the country

There is nothing called marital rape: RSS women’s wing leader

As the Rashtra Sevika Samiti, the RSS women’s wing, celebrates its 80th anniversary, it is holding a three-day conference in Delhi.

On the occasion, Samiti general secretary Seetha Annadanam in an interview with prominent news daily talked about marital rape, triple talaq and other issues.

On marital rape, she said: “There is nothing called marital rape. Marriage is a sacred bond. Coexistence should lead to bliss. If we are able to understand the concept of this bliss, then everything runs smooth.”

When she was asked about the challenges before the modern woman, she said: “The main problems are women’s security, exploitation, dowry, ghunghat and female foeticide. The presence of an alcoholic man at home also causes problems.

“Men come home heavily drunk and don’t undertake family responsibility. The entire responsibility falls on women. There should be total prohibition across the country. We are working for promoting samskaras in the society.”

Regarding the status of women in the society now, her response was: “Social evils in our society are due to [foreign] invasion of 1,000 years. It will take time for society to come out of it. Women do not have strong social consciousness, hence there is low awareness.

“We have been doing our work for long, but did not get a chance to display social leadership and professional excellency. We are getting that today. Many women are now participating in social life, social activities. It was not there 50 years before. The mother is the nucleus of a family. If a mother gives proper direction for life to her children, then they move ahead in a good way.”

As the country is hotly debating the misuse of triple talaq, she opined: “Every woman must get uniform justice. Marriage is a bandhan, it lends security to her life. For her, triple talaq is dreadful. The problem has emerged from there [Muslim society], the solution too should come from there… We need an intellectual debate about what needs to be changed. Law is good, but those who implement the law must undergo a change to bring about the change in the society. In the Northeast, women do all kinds of work. Tribal women are empowered.”