Trump has nothing to offer on jobs: Obama

Obama said: �So Donald Trump generally avoids facts or he just denies them. So he said this is a �disaster�. A disaster?�

Trump has nothing to offer on jobs: Obama

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has nothing to offer on jobs except for describing the current situation as a disaster, outgoing US President Barack Obama said.

Addressing a rally in New Hampshire, Obama said, "He’s got nothing serious to offer on jobs.” The New Hampshire has suddenly emerged as a swing state forcing the Clinton Campaign to send him to this State for campaigning.

“There hasn’t been enough talk about this economy in this election. And you know why? Because we’ve created jobs for 73 months in a row now. Wages are rising. Just last week, the unemployment rate was at 4.9 per cent — that’s near the lowest levels in nearly nine years,” Obama said amidst applause from the audience.

Obama said: “So Donald Trump generally avoids facts or he just denies them. So he said this is a ‘disaster’. A disaster?”

“I just came from Michigan. You want to know what a real disaster looks like, think back to that state and what we were dealing with eight years ago. The American auto industry was flat on its back. Unemployment was soaring. Today’s plants across that state and across the region that were shut down — they’re now doing double shifts,” he said.

“And you know what Donald Trump’s idea for the auto industry? He actually suggested that Michigan should send its auto jobs to states that pay their workers less. By making Michigan workers suffer, they’d have no choice but to accept less pay if they wanted to get their jobs back,” he said slamming Trump, for his economic policies.

Speaking about the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton, Obama said:  “She’s put forward the biggest investment in new jobs since World War II. She’s got plans to grow manufacturing, boost people’s wages, help students with college debt. That’s why she should be the next President of the United States.”

Obama said since his name is not on the ballot, there are times where he has been just kind of trying to bite his tongue.

“But there is a lot about this election that has not been on the level. I’m going to level with you right now. The way campaigns have gotten, we’ve come to accept crazy stuff as normal. The strategy of just repeating attacks and outright lies over and over again. But it gets churned in social media and Facebook, and no matter how false they are, they just create this cloud of dust,” he said.