Trump's statement on Muslim ban back on campaign website

Report earlier said the link to Trump�s Dec. 7 proposal to ban Muslims was disappeared from the site on Wednesday evening


US President-elect Donald Trump statement denying entry to the country for all Muslims restored in his campaign website after mysteriously disappeared from his website after the election result.

Read the statement here

Report earlier said the link to Trump’s Dec. 7 proposal to ban Muslims was disappeared from the site on Wednesday evening and the page redirected to a page encouraging voters to donate to his campaign.

The removal of the proposal has triggered questions about one of the controversial statement made by the Businessman-turned politician during the campaign.

The campaigned denied the news saying it was a technical issue. The campaign said, “the website was temporarily redirecting all specific press release pages to the homepage. It is currently being addressed and will be fixed shortly,” Washington Post reported.

During his campaign, as one of his strategic plans to protect the country from terrorism, Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the U.S.

However, while accusing American Muslims of harboring terrorists, trump said he would ease the ban in the case of Muslims serving in the U.S. military.

Trump has later said he would revise it to instead target people from countries linked to terrorism, than using religion as a criteria. However, the initial statement has not removed from the site.

Meanwhile, trump recently walked away from a reporter who asked whether the plan to ban Muslims remained on his agenda.