Trump Tower renamed as “Dump Tower” on Google maps

President-elect Donald Trump's midtown Manhattan building “Trump Tower” was renamed “Dump Tower” by someone on Google Maps on Saturday.

President-elect Donald Trump’s midtown Manhattan building “Trump Tower” was renamed “Dump Tower” by someone on Google Maps on Saturday.

It was visible by zooming into the building at just the right angle on the mapping service. As users of the mapping service began noticing the new name for the Fifth Avenue building on Saturday, news spread quickly on social media.cyozrwlwqaayyh3

The new name lasted only for a few hours on Google Maps before it was rectified. A Google spokeswoman told the Associated Press that it reverted the building back to Trump Tower early Sunday, adding that inaccuracies can happen.

It is unclear if the President-elect knows about the edits. Trump has not made any comment on the incident yet.

Donald Trump has been using Trump Tower as his transition headquarters. Trump Tower, the gray-glassed skyscraper on 56th Street and 5th Avenue, has become the site of protests and pleas, rancour and adulation. Trump lives in the tower’s gilded penthouse triplex, estimated to be worth $90 million.

It is not the first time people have changed the names of places in Google Maps. In March last year, towns and cities in Spain were renamed after their former incarnations as Islamic kingdoms almost a thousand years ago.

Google allows users to edit roads, businesses and other landmarks in their Map Maker service, but all changes are ideally reviewed and approved by moderators, according to a Google Maps FAQ.

The crowdsourced tool has often led to prank edits, such as renaming the White House to “Edward Snow Den” or painting a new park in the shape of an Android robot urinating on the Apple logo.

In August 2016, Google Maps was accused of deleting Palestine from its Maps. In the same month, it showed parts of Kashmir occupied by Pakistan in the Indian territory.