Uniform Civil Code: Religion Will Be Untouched, Says Law Commission Chairman

The Law Commission of India is seeking opinion on Uniform Civil Code and no amendments are planned as of now.

In an interview given to India Today, the Law Commission Chairman Justice BS Chauhan said that no final decision has been taken about the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and they were still seeking opinions from the stakeholders. At present, the Law Commission of India has no plans to amend any law under religious grounds. Amendments, if any, will be made without affecting religious practices and personal laws. Justice Chauhan also added that UCC meant no gender discrimination and might not go for standardization.

While asked about the issue of triple talaq, he said that the commission was focusing on instant talaq, not regular talaq prescribed under the Islamic law. All aspects of family laws will be considered according to the mandate of the constitution. As the process of collection opinions is going on, he said that it was too early to comment on triple talaq.

He concluded that any reform would be based on the principles of the Constitution, secularism, freedom, equality and religions.