Not just Varun Gandhi, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi also involved with Abhishek Verma?

The exclusive documents in the possession of Narada News raise doubts over the involvement of Rahul Gandhi in defence dealings, as alleged by New York based attorney whistleblower Edmond Allen.

Not just Varun Gandhi, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi also involved with Abhishek Verma?

Jagadish Tytler with Abhishek Verma at one of his

The names of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi figure prominently in the emails sent by arms dealer Abhishek Verma to his lobbyists. Verma whose honey-trapping of BJP MP Varun Gandhi came to light when US-based whistleblower Edmond Allen wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in September.

NaradaNews investigations into the letter and emails with it showed that Varun Gandhi was indeed compromised, a fact not disputed by the MP himself. NaradaNews further found that Abhishek Verma had the support of senior Congress leader Jagdish Tytler, who also figures in some photos with unidentified women.

The emails and documents point to the alleged involvement of the Congress first family and senior armed forces personnel in defence dealings.

According to Allen, Verma escaped investigation in many cases because of his connection to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. In the letter sent to Narendra Modi (Ref: 1646/GANTON/40-PMO), Allen alleged that Abhishek Verma was not investigated in the Scorpene scam as he was constantly in touch with Rahul Gandhi aide Kanishka Singh, implying the Congress vice- president was protecting him.

Allen stated that a mobile phone seized by Enforcement Department in January 2014 from a Verma aide revealed communication between Verma and Kanishka Singh when the arms dealer was imprisoned in the Navy War Room Leak case. Verma has already been charge sheeted in three defence deal cases and is currently out on bail in the Navy War Room Leak case.


Allen’s letter, attached with several emails as evidence, claimed Verma had close links with Sonia Gandhi and her son. In an email to Armenian-Russian businessman Ara Abramian, Verma claimed he was a mediator between Sonia Gandhi and major Russian business figures. One of the mails shows Verma telling Abramian the disagreement of Sonia Gandhi over ‘proposals’ in connection with the Indo-Russian Friendship Forum, which was chaired by Jagdish Tytler.

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“The text you proposed is not acceptable to Mrs Gandhi. However, they proposed something else a little differently. She cannot write to Mr. Putin as it involves diplomatic considerations since he is the Prime Minister of Russia (then) and as she is the Congress president, therefore, dialogue is only possible at diplomatic channels/levels,” the email read. It also said Sonia Gandhi had agreed to send a delegation led by Rahul Gandhi to Russia to enrich the forum.

Sonia 1

Sonia 2

Sonia 3

Another email showed Verma asking Abramian to request the Russian Ambassador to invite political leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, Varun Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi’s political adviser Ahmed Patel and Jagdish Tytler, for a dinner that was to be hosted in honour of Russian Deputy Prime Minister S.S. Sobyanin. The mail said Sobyanin is visiting India to discuss defence matters with the Government of India officials/ministers.

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“It may be worthwhile for you to either visit India along with him for a day or two – alternatively you could try to organise my meeting with the Dy PM along with Mr. Jagdish Tytler, who would be presented as the chairman from the Indian side for Indo-Russian Friendship Forum and we would take this opportunity to brief Mr. Sobyanin on how important it is for Russian Federation to engage you (and us) as their lobbyists for India,” the email said.



The allegation of close links between arms dealer Verma and the Gandhi first family raises serious questions over the goings-on in the corridors of power and national security. Verma has denied all charges and now claims he has no connection to Varun Gandhi even though Narada News has pictures that show the two meeting at his Vasant Kunj farmhouse where, as stated in the documents released earlier, frequent parties were thrown, the who's who of Delhi invited, escorts provided and where the booze never stopped flowing.

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A source who had been close to Abhishek Verma said Verma boasted of his connections, who would be invited to his "farmhouse party", to get his work done. Sometimes Verma would invite Bollywood stars as well to impress clients and once he introduced the source to the Russians as a film producer when the source and actor Irrfan Khan entered the room.