What did the PM sacrifice? Kapil Sibal and the Congress want to know

Sibal made a pointed attack on the PM's behaviour in Japan mocking the poor, who were caught in the chaos of the demonetisation.

What did the PM sacrifice? Kapil Sibal and the Congress want to know

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Tuesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for launching the demonetisation scheme without any thought of its consequences. A week after Modi's announcement demonetising Rs 1000 and Rs 500, Sibal said the poor are suffering as a consequence.

Sibal said the prime minister is unable to understand the hardships of the common man. "What did PM Modi sacrifice? As far as black money is concerned, Modiji has yet to give the names of the black money holders to the Supreme Court. PM says that common people are sleeping carefully and it is the rich who are worried. PM should really change his glasses," said Sibal.

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Sibal also attacked Modi over his "melodrama" and claims of "sacrifice". Sibal asked the PM what sacrifices he had made for the country. "Let him tell the people about what sacrifices he made? Our freedom fighters forsook their family for the nation," said Sibal.

Sibal also said that Modi has failed to bring back the black money from the foreign banks as he claimed before the election. He also said that Modi cannot be trusted as he appears to be a serial liar. "Why should we trust him? The Rs 80 lakh crore has not been brought back? If he has lied about that, why should we trust him now?" said Sibal.

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Kapil also questioned Modi over his statement in Japan. He also said that it is an irresponsible move to flee the country for foreign shores after declaring such a deplorable and chaotic decision.
"On the 8th, PM Modi said that it is an inconvenience of only a few days and then went to Japan. Now he is asking for 50 days.The arrogance with which the PM spoke in Japan, shows that he is distanced from the hardships of people," said Sibal.