Why polluted air is harmful not only for us, but also for Gen Next

This polluted air is very hazardous for our health. Constant exposure to such polluted environment can cause following health related problems to any of us

Why polluted air is harmful not only for us, but also for Gen Next

As the saying goes, “As you sow, so shall you reap,” which means that we are rewarded or punished as per the good or bad deeds we do. Sowing and reaping, are part and parcel of the law of nature. We all know that we cannot escape from the law of nature. If we sow good seeds in our lives, we will get good results. However, the reverse will happen if we decide to take the wrong way. We have been learning this phrase since childhood, and to our misfortune, today, we are reaping the ‘reverse’ because of the mistakes and blunders we have committed by disrupting and damaging the sanctity of our Planet Earth. God created and gifted this Paradise to us, but we, the most selfish and non-deserving species amongst all His creations, spoiled, ruined and turned it into a Hell.

Believe it or not, but it is a truth, a bitter truth!! Apparently all five basic elements of Nature-Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky- are unfortunately, badly affected due to our mishandling. Culling and uprooting greens to build concrete; factories’ residues; automobiles’ smoke; growth of synthetic goods; plastics- All have contributed in disturbing the whole ecological order. The gradual process of our ‘Progress’ has now taken a dangerous U-Turn affecting not only us, but our innocent blossoms, our broods, our off springs too!! This polluted air is very hazardous for our health. Constant exposure to such polluted environment can cause following health related problems to any of us:
-Reduced lung functioning
-Irritation of eyes, nose, mouth and throat
-Asthma attacks
-Respiratory symptoms such as coughing and wheezing
-Increased respiratory disease such as bronchitis
-Reduced energy levels
-Headaches and dizziness
-Neurobehavioral disorders
-Cardiovascular problems
-Premature death

There are many species which already are a history now and there are many who are in the verge of extinction. We have slid and declined to the level where we cannot drink even ‘Natural’ water. We are bound to consume ‘man-made’ bottled water. And yes, now, we have ‘Progressed’ (or rather declined) to another level, and that of ‘Bottled-Air’ too!! Haaah, poor we!! Going ‘Unnatural’ and still hope to survive!! History shows that Nature’s fury has been teaching lessons to the mankind. Various civilizations came into existence and vanished without any trace.

But, at the same time, Nature has always been kind and giving us second chances too!!There is another saying that “whatever happens, happens for good”!! If we learn from our past mistakes, and improve our ways, maybe there is a chance!! Maybe we all can survive and live happily ever after just by realizing the importance and the power of Nature!! Today is ours. We can make tomorrow ours too. Let us start putting our efforts in saving and conserving our mother nature. We just need to improve our habits and convert them into good ones. We can follow these simple methods to Breathe and Let Others Breathe Clean Air easily:
-Avoid smoking, as quitting smoking is the best answer for overall health
-Make sure your gas stove is well-ventilated
-Minimize clutter
-Remove carpeting if possible
-Keep trash covered to avoid attracting pests
-Remove shoes at the door
-Have car emissions tested regularly
-Minimize air freshener use
-Dust surfaces and vacuum frequently
-Wash bedding weekly in hot water
-Make sure exhaust fans are functioning in your bathrooms and kitchen
-Increase use of solar objects
-Stop burning crackers
-Try to stay indoors to reduce exposure in extreme pollution
-Use masks
-Visit your doctor immediately in case of severe eye-burning or respiratory symptoms

Measures being taken by the Delhi Government

1) The Odd-Even scheme may not be reintroduced (It is under consideration). However, as of now, the state government has decided to install large outdoor air purifiers and mist sprinklers at five highly polluted locations in the city.

2) The city's crematoriums would be retrofitted with chimneys to treat the smoke generated by them, the report said.

3) Pilot project for controlled burning at landfill sites, utilising piping and venting to reduce uncontrolled toxic emissions, would be launched.

4) Public Works Department has been instructed to re-start vacuum cleaning, and sprinkling of water on 1,250 km of roads falling under the agency's purview.

5) The CPCB has also started an initiative to track, prevent and legally punish the practice of crop burning in Delhi's neighbouring states.