Why are Indian military installations sitting ducks for terrorists? The answer is so simple, but it will surprise you

Multiple attacks have proved one thing, the terrorists know how to utilise the Indian military establishment's weakness - the veneration of seniority and excusing them from checks.

Why are Indian military installations sitting ducks for terrorists? The answer is so simple, but it will surprise you

The regularity with which terrorists are making a beeline to attack camps of the Indian armed forces in Jammu and Kashmir makes one think why can't the army save itself when it is meant to protect the people.

Just yesterday, the Indian Army’s Jagrota camp in Jammu was raided by terrorists. Seven Army personnel including 2 officers were killed in the encounter along with the three terrorists, adding more fuel to the tension between Indian and Pakistan.

The terrorists attacked the Nagrota camp dressed as police officers. Reports said the attackers fired indiscriminately at the officers’ dining hall before taking up positions inside the building.

Similarly in Pathankot Air Force base, at least six heavily-armed terrorists dressed in Indian Army fatigues entered the airbase after breaching the high-security perimeter and killed seven soldiers. Just like at Pathankot and Nagrota, a pre-dawn ambush by four militants led to the martyrdom of 18 Indian jawans in Uri, in a pre-dawn ambush.

Academic Madhu Kishwar also wondered on the same topic on twitter.

But why are Indian armed forces sitting ducks for terrorists? This is despite the five-layers of security in Jammu and Kashmir while in the rest of the country, army installations have two-layer security.

After all these attacks, the security establishment has concluded the lapses in the system helped terrorists access the camps and brutally kill Indian soldiers.

The Indian Army has lost number of soldiers this year in different terrorist attacks. Who should we blame now, the Pakistan-backed terrorist or our own vulnerable security systems?

According a source, who has been to the Pathankot airbase several times, said it is very easy for those who have airman uniform to enter the base. If the correct uniform is worn, no soldier will check the impostor, all thanks to the discipline which is ingrained in the Indian Army.  A senior officer is almost a divine being for the jawan or the non-commissioned officer. How will the soldier on sentry duty overcome the culture of the imperial British which has been continued till now?

The source said high-ranking officers are never stopped for security checks and this security loophole is well-exploited by militants.

While the urban legend of the chip in the new Rs 2000 note did the rounds, why can't such chips be utilised in cars of senior military personnel or in their ID cards? This will bring down the number of attacks on army installations. In the US and Israel, everyone including the head of state has to fulfil security norms when entering bases or military installations.

Graphics: M Dinesh Singh