WikiLeaks founder Assange to be quizzed over rape allegation

Swedish prosecutors have dropped a sexual assault probe, concerning another woman, against Assange last year after the five-year statute of limitations expired.

WikiLeaks founder Assange to be quizzed over rape allegation

Sweden’s public prosecutor’s office on Monday announced that WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange will be questioned next week over longstanding rape accusations, saying an Ecuadorian prosecutor would visit the WikiLeaks founder in the embassy where he has been holed up since 2012.

Reacting to the announcement, Assange, through his lawyer welcomed the news saying he was looking forward to the “chance to clear his name”.

According to a report in AFP, the Swedish authorities said one of the prosecutors on the case, Ingrid Isgren, as well as a Swedish police inspector would also attend the questioning on November 14 and report the findings to Sweden. “A DNA sample will also be taken, provided that Julian Assange agrees to it,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

The 45-year-old whistleblower sought refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London in June 2012, fleeing allegations of rape and sexual assault in Sweden dating back to 2010. The WikiLeaks founder denies the claims. An Australian national, he had refused to travel to Sweden for questioning due to concerns that he would then be extradited to the United States over WikiLeaks’ release of 500,000 secret military files on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“We have requested this interview repeatedly since 2010,” his lawyer Per Samuelsson told AFP. “Julian Assange has always wanted to tell his version to the Swedish police. He wants a chance to clear his name,” Samuelsson said. “We hope the investigation will be closed then.”

The whistle-blowers'  lawyer added the “shape of the questioning is under discussion.” A first hearing scheduled for October with the prosecutor Toainga Wilson had been postponed at Assange’s request, citing “his rights to the protection and defense of his person,” according to Ecuadorian prosecutors.