How will daily wagers use plastic money, asks Sitaram Yechury

CPI-M leader slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement about the usage of plastic money, using the jibe Modi Antoinette for the Prime Minister in reference to Mary Antoinette, the French Queen, who wanted the poor to eat cake if they couldn't afford bread.

On the first day of Winter Session of Parliament, CPI-M General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Sitaram Yechury severely crticised NDA government’s demonetisation move on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes saying daily wagers were badly hit by it.

 “What is called demonetisation is 86% of our cash transactions; country today is living on cash transactions of 14%…Daily wagers are badly hit by currency ban,” he said in the Upper House.
CPI-M leader slammed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement about the usage of plastic money, using a jibe of Mary Antoinette. He said :” In French revolution, they said if you don’t have bread eat cake. Now Modi says if you don’t have paper, pay by plastic.”
Yechury mentioned about the exemptions state governments made for the old notes.
“In Assam there is a by-election, day after tomorrow. So for Assam tea gardens, the central government is giving an exemption.But not to Bengal? Why. This should be investigated.In Maharashtra, they have said you can use old notes to buy cinema tickets.You can’t buy food but cinema tickets?.How are these exemptions being decided?”
He said the measures taken by the government were not necessary to curb black money. Yechury added black money was not a stock,but a flow which the government failed to acknowledge.
The CPI-M leader asked the House if they really wanted to curb corruption, funding of parties must become public.
“Let us have a system of state-funded elections,” said Yechury, to this Rajya Sabha Chairman P J Kurien said, ” Why don’t you move a Private Member’s Bill in this regard.”
“People are suffering and the suffering is increasing by the day.Why are you agonising people. What is this fascistic way of controlling people’s personal lives.There is a ‘chamakta’ (shining) India, for them Paytm and electronic wallets are viable. What about the ‘tarasta’ (troubled) Bharat.What is the mayhem you have created?” he asked.
Yechury ended his speech demanding Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into the matter along with the rollback of the demonetisation.