Yet another elephant run over by a train in Walayar, Kerala

It's the seventh elephant death in the region this year.

In yet another incident of rail kill, a 25-year-old tusker was knocked down and killed by a train on Sunday, between Walayar and Vattaparai near the Tamilnadu border in Kerala. ‘Some people noticed the carcass in Attupahi, and informed forest department officials said the police. According to them the Trichi – Palakkad passenger could have hit the animal around 8 AM . Under the impact, the elephant was dragged through the track for over hundred meters. The passengers had a narrow escape as the train did not derail .’ It was a lucky escape, say the villagers, as both side of the track have deep gorges ‘ It’s the seventh elephant death in the region this year.


Forest officials removing the carcass of the elephant from the track

Forest department officials from Kerala reached the spot and took the carcass. A case has been registered under the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972.