Apple iPhone 7 to be launched in red version, powerful A11 chipset soon

Apple iPhone experts say that new iPhone 7 will work better than Apple�s previous A10 models

Apple iPhone 7 to be launched in red version, powerful A11 chipset soon

Apple is rumoured to greet new year by launching iPhone 7 in a red version with an A11 powerful processor. Apple has made plans to launch Apple iPhone 7 in striking red colour having the new A11 chipset, says Tech website

Apple iPhone experts say that new  iPhone 7  will work better than Apple’s previous A10 models. Reportedly, Apple is planning to come up with iPhone 7’s in red colour and also rose gold, gold, silver, matte black, and Jet Black hues.

This is the first time Apple iPhone 7 phone will be displaying such a variety of colours instead of usual black and grey, say Apple experts.

Apple is hoping that it may boost iPhone sales in next year. Sources said Apple is now focusing more on the iPhone 7 and iPhone  7 plus sales by introducing more new versions of the models, rather than pitching for the launch of the Apple iPhone 8.

If Apple has finally decided to abort the plan for iPhone 8, we may get to see more colourful and useful, powerful versions of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus instead of the long-awaited iPhone 8 in 2017.

Earlier, the buzz was that new iPhone 8 will be launched in 2017 to mark Apple iPhone's 10th anniversary in a gala event at Apple headquarters in
Cupertino, California. Reports said Apple wanted to boost iPhone sales by showcasing iPhone 8 as a new trendy and hi-tech device that can replace all existing iPhone and smartphone models in the tech market.

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