Apple launches new update of iOS 10.2 free for developers & public

Apple users can directly download iOS from Apple�s Developer Center or OTA by directly installing iOS configuration profile, announced Apple.

Apple launches new update of iOS 10.2 free for developers & public

Apple has just recently launched iOS 10.2 sixth beta, with in just few days of Apple’s launch of the iOS 10.1. The new iOS 10.2 sixth beta will benefit Apple customer, and developers, said Apple in a press statement.

Apple users can directly download ios from Apple’s Developer Center or OTA by directly installing iOS configuration profile, added Apple.

Features of new iOS 10.2

The iOS 10.2 has new emoji features like drooling face, clown face, palm face, selfie, shark, owl, pancakes, croissant, butterfly and even avocado.

It has new look lock screen, new "Home" app for HomeKit users, and an  overhauled Messages app, newly designed Maps and Apple Music apps and also an innovative facial and object recognition characteristics according to tech website MacRumors.

Also, it has a huge collection of over hundred new emoji, appearing in both female and male genders. 
iOS update has now redesigned to come with emoji’s that are more realistic and more precise detail, making them more interesting now, compared to Apple iOS previous versions.

iOS 10.2 has a number of attractions like new music sorting options, wallpapers and buttons that help in Shuffling and repeat also.

iOS 10.2 now has options for camera settings and the official TV app also. 
Apple experts said the new TV app can function as an Apple-designed TV guide, and just simplify your TV watching experience.

The app will help Apple users to find upcoming movies and popular TV shows. Apple views the new iOS 10 as grandest ever release for Apple iOS users.

Apple’s new  iOS 10’s features are Siri SDK for Apple developers, a n

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