BCCI vs Lodha : Supreme Court adjourns hearing to December 14

The much anticipated hearing of the BCCI versus Lodha panel face - off has been adjourned by the Supreme Court to December 14

BCCI vs Lodha : Supreme Court adjourns hearing to December 14

The stand-off between the Justice  R M Lodha panel  and the BCCI over reforms that could determine who would run the game in the country has been delayed . The  much talked an anticipated hearing in the Supreme Court that was first scheduled for December 5 then moved to  December 9. But now iyt has been shifted again. The tricky issue  will now  be heard on December 14, with the Supreme Court adjourning the much awaited on the grounds that urgent decisions are required, as per the amicus curiae Gopal Subramanian.

The apex court had prepared to hear the matter involving the BCCI and its state associations' refusal to accept any of the Justice Lodha Committee's recommendations as mandated, but the air of finality wide expected by the country's cricket fraternity has not prevailed.

The Lodha Committee, in its third status report, had stated that, “While the day-to-day administration of BCCI is presently carried out by the CEO and certain managers who assist him in this regard, there would be a need to appoint an observer who would guide the BCCI in its administration, particularly with reference to the award of contracts, transparency norms, audit, etc, for domestic, international and IPL cricket to be played hereafter.”

It may be recalled that the The Lodha Committee on November 21  had sought the Supreme Court's approval to appoint former Union Home Secretary G K Pillai as an observer to monitor the administration of the board. It also sought permission to appoint secretarial staff and fix their remunerations.

Justice Lodha panel has been very critical of the way BCCI is been run , it has suggested to the SC that the entire administration of the BCCI should be removed . It also sought the immediate and automatic removal of the office bearers of all state cricket associations that have not complied with the criteria set by the top court in July.

The BCCI has all along expressed its unwillingness to accept the recommendations of the Justice Lodha panel committee thus sparking off a face off between the BCCI  and Lodha panel .