Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga loses captaincy, adds fuel to Manveer-Manoj tussle

After a while, another gong rings and the housemates start talking.

Waking up to the tune of ‘Rang De Basanti’ song, all the Bigg Boss 10 Contestants are messed up in the head and stuck in tussles early in the morning, which go around the day. The yearning for captaincy has forced contestants to play their own game in Bigg Boss 10.

While the challengers struggle to cycle through the night, the other contestants sleep while remaining confused on the unpredictability of the captaincy task.Tussles begin with breakfast as the housemates feel that the challengers are throwing tantrums under Bani’s influence.

The challengers get tired but still keep cycling and they ask Priyanka to speak to the rest of the contestants. The gong rings when Om Swami gets into a fight with everyone. Priyanka shuts him up and asks all the contestants if they want to empty their test tubes. Since no one takes the initiative, Lopa gets up and empties her test tube due to which Mona Lisa is out of the captaincy task.

Priyanka loses her cool at Nitibha. Priyanka walks in asking Elena if they didn’t want to cycle because they didn’t knead the dough for Bani J. Elena and Lopa also get into a heated argument. Priyanka and Nitibha get into an ugly argument when Swami interferes and Nitibha calls him her father.

Bigg Boss announces that the luxury budget task is over and that he is disappointed with Priyanka’s performance and she will not participate in the captaincy task. Manu and Mona Lisa discuss Manveer as a captain. Another gong rings in the evening and Sahil empties his test tube, throwing Swami out of the captaincy task.

After a while, another gong rings and the housemates start talking.

Mona Lisa and Manveer get into a fight when he asks her to empty her test tube. Nitibha gets up and empties her test tube which puts Lopa out of the captaincy task.

Later on, Manveer and Mona Lisa get into an argument in the garden and Manu asks them to sort it out. While they are talking, Priyanka interferes and points out Mona Lisa’s mistake.

Later on, Swami and Priyanka instigate Manveer. Mona Lisa breaks down in the bathroom saying that she wants to go home. Manu tells Manveer that everyone is making the best use of their disagreements. He requests Mona Lisa to come out and hugs her as soon as she comes out. Manveer makes Mona Lisa sit and talks to her calmly.