Bigg Boss 10 update: Friendship and fights take center stage in the show

Mona's boyfriend tells everyone that he is not very comfortable with Mona and Manu�s closeness.

Bigg Boss 10 update: Friendship and fights take center stage in the show

Bigg Boss wakes up contestants with a energy beat in the morning, but soon enough fight erupts between Lopa and Priyanka causing mayhem in the house. Later on, Bigg Boss announces Family task wherein contestants can meet their family members, and the disruption ensues.

Waking up to "Punjabiya di battery," contestants begin their day. However, while Manu and Manveer discuss about last night when Priyanka abused him, Lopa and Priyanka get into a bad fight.

The duo continues to abuse each other inappropriately, after which Lopa breaks down infront of confession room and asks for Bigg Boss to intrude. Bigg Boss warns Priyanka not to use abusive language. Lopamudra is called in the confession room and Bigg Boss ask her to not reply back with abusive language.

Next comes the family task, where Manu and Swami are the batteries of the house.

Priyanka meets her kids for 10 minutes and others are elated while they play with them. Next, Gaurav is given a chance to meet his brother for two minutes. Gaurav runs towards confession room to meet his brother, he ask about their parents and how he is looking in the show.

Next comes Mona, who is called in the activity area, where she is given an opportunity to meet her boyfriend. But, Bigg Boss has a condition, Manu and Swami have to agree not to use luxury budget for the rest of the stay in the house. Mona convinces them and she is able to meet her boyfriend. Mona Lisa’s boyfriend Vikrant enters the house, and the battery is drained by 53%.

However, he gives a cold shoulder to Manu and Manveer. He further goes and tell everyone that he is not very comfortable with Mona and Manu’s closeness.

He also tells them that he used to like Manveer a lot but he doesn’t anymore after he made baseless comments about him. He tells that he was really hurt when Manu said that Vikrant is a bad person and Mona did not react to it.

Mona alongwith housemates tried to make Vikrant understand that its all a misunderstanding.

However, before leaving Manu tells Mona that he loves her and will never leave her no matter what happens, even though he is not very fond of Manu and Manveer. He also told Mona that they have spoken ill things behind her back.

After Vikrant’s exit, Manu and Manveer discuss that they were quiet because they respect Mona or else they also had a lot of stuff to share. The day comes to a close with Rohan reuniting with his brother and spending a couple of minutes chatting with him in the confession room.

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