Bigg Boss 10 Update: Salman loses his cool at Om Swami, Priyanka Jagga is new captain

Manveer announces to Bigg Boss that Gaurav will compete against Priyanka for captaincy.

Bigg Boss 10 Update: Salman loses his cool at Om Swami, Priyanka Jagga is new captain

In a harsh day with captaincy competition, Om Swami and Bani J get into an argument where Om Swami speaks ruefully for Bani's mom where she loses her cool. In tonight's show, Salman Khan will also be seen getting angry on Om Swami.

In the show last night, Swami’s dialogues make Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra laugh. He keeps ranting about Gaurav Chopra backstabbing him. Bigg Boss announces that Lopa and Swami can now come out of the jail. Swami hugs Gaurav and apologises to him, telling him that he was just acting.

Soon enough, Bigg Boss announces that the housemates will have to vote for the contestant whom they want to compete against Priyanka Jagga in the captaincy task. Priyanka tells Manveer Gurjar that Nitibha Kaul was eligible for captaincy because of him. Gaurav, Lopa and Nitibha discuss whom to vote for but their conversation is interrupted by Swami.

Lopa gets mad at Rahul Dev for choosing Gaurav over her. Gaurav gets the maximum votes as Lopa and Priyanka get into an ugly argument. Later on, Priyanka talks to Manveer about Lopa getting only one vote. Lopa is crying in the bathroom and telling Rohan how hurt she is with Rahul’s behaviour. Rohan tells Rahul about it, who goes to clear things up with Lopa.

Manveer announces to Bigg Boss that Gaurav will compete against Priyanka for captaincy.

According to the Appy Fizz captaincy task, Gaurav and Priyanka have to select four supporters each to keep them raised in the air while they’re tied to a harness. The one who remains aloft for the longest will win the captaincy.

Gaurav chooses Rahul, Mona, Rohan and Lopa, while Priyanka chooses Bani, Om Swami, Sahil and Nitibha. Manveer becomes the Sanchaalak.

As soon as the task begins, Bani gives up owing to shoulder pain. She starts encouraging Gaurav’s team while instigating Sahil to give up. Priyanka starts crying and Manveer yells at her to stop crying. Bani is encouraging Sahil to leave the rope and Swami says, “Agar tum aisa karogi tumhari maa mar jayegi”. Listening to this, Bani loses her cool and says,” How dare you pass such comments about my mother!”

Manveer tries to calm her down but she completely loses control. Swami apologises but she refuses to listen. Priyanka wins the captaincy task.

Gaurav points at Swami, disappointed with his behaviour towards Bani. Mona Lisa, Jason Shah and Bani are talking about what Swami told her during the task. Swami goes and apologises to her but she asks him to go somewhere else with his fake tears. Bani pushes Swami away and cries in the bedroom. Bani gets into an ugly fight with Priyanka who taunts her.

Owing to the comment by Om Swami, Salman Khan will be seen tonight saying, "Aaj se main aap ko Om Ji yaa Om Swami nahi bulaunga kyunki aap woh kehlane layak nahi ho." (From today onwards I won't address you as Om Swami or Swamiji as you are not worth it). The Sultan star did not stop here he even told him that you always talk about Mahabharat, vedas and say that you are Bharat Mata's beta, so how could you make a comment like this against someone's mother.

The situation become emotional for Bani J, owing to her mother's cancer.

The episode ends at good note when Bigg Boss welcomes Sana Khan, Gurmeet Choudhary and Sharman Joshi.

The trio enter the house to the beats of their film’s title track and bring along a basket of brownies. The celebrity guests go on to introduce a fun game wherein each contestant has to choose a fellow housemate who is the prime reason of their happiness and feed them a brownie. Rahul gives the brownie to Lopa saying that she is pissed at him and he wants her to keep smiling. Mona Lisa says that Manu Punjabi was her only reason of happiness and eats the brownie on his behalf. Nitibha and Manveer feed each other brownies. Bani and Gaurav feed each other brownies.

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