BJP's Rajya Sabha MP CP Thakur says quotas must be reviewed

BJP's Rajya Sabha MP and former Minister C P Thakur gets candid and says that the country does not need reservation


The time has come to review the reservation policy, said Rajya Sabha MP  CP Thakur in an interview to He pitched for reviewing the current caste-based reservation policy and instead sought reservation on economic grounds.

He said, “We have to see how are the poor benefiting from the current policy and then review it.” He said reservation is required for those, who are not in the mainstream, and who need money for survival. He also stated that the creamy layer among the castes getting reservation should be disallowed to enjoy the benefit.

He said the country does not need reservation but added that efforts should be made to place the economically weak sections of society on a progressive path.

“Reservations were meant only for 10 years but it has continued for so long. It has been 70 years since Independence and yet a court case on reservation is going on. It is essential to bring the country on the path of development. Be it Muslims or Hindus, whoever is backward should be brought to the path of development. Both belong to one country, India,” said Thakur.

On politics in Bihar, he said Bihar CM Nitish Kumar will join the NDA soon and took jibes at Rashtriya Janata Dal president Laloo Prasad Yadav. Thakur also congratulated the PM on demonetisation.